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About Indie Abundance™...

Interested in sharing our mission  to inspire action, creativity and abundance? Please join us, there are many ways to hop on board!

The Indie Abundance Music, Money & Mindfulness™ Team shares music and tips on living as happy creatives, providing others the opportunity to change their lives through a positive approach. We believe it's possible to live both a creative and sustainable life.

Whether on the road, or the studio and at home we've applied our “music, money & mindfulness” know-how to our art lives, demonstrating that it is possible to transform a survival mindset to one of thriving.

With expertise spanning financial management, multi-instrumentalism, yoga stuides and health consciousness in addition to our commitment to songwriting and performing, the Indie Abundance™ tour members share tips on music, money and mindfulness. Our goal is to show others what’s possible even in challenging times and to inspire others to greater social, economic and cultural participation in their communities. 

Indie Abundance™ believes that establishing a means to earn a sustainable living as artists is critical to be fully active in the life of our community and family.  By providing real tools in the form of lessons, tips, classes, and life experience, we strive to help others enjoy abundance in all they do.

To arrange Television, Radio, On or off-line Interviews, get a CD for review, or schedule a workshop, please write the team at
Access your OWN Indie Abundance™ KIT*
Sponsors and nonprofits aligned with our mission can receive access to our free Indie Abundance™ Kit. Write us, if you'd like to both sample our music and experience what we are all about in a fun and creative way ;-)

*The Indie Abundance Kit™ is for PRESS, SPONSORS, and NON-PROFITS in line with our mission at this time. Thank you. — Chantelle, Deborah & Emily

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