Chantelle Tibbs

"I’ll reserve any and all overcooked, nominally hybridized assessments here (like, “So And So meets What’s Her Such with a touch of Superbadass Lady”) to tell it to you plainly, and again: she’s got pipes.” -The SF. Bay Guardian

Chantelle's voice is not all she brings to the table. As Founder of Money Be Green, Chantelle is all about The Art Money Movement. 

"I want to see all kinds of people making money. Money Be Green focuses on money management for creative minded people with a major focus on abundance rather than only money." 

Chantelle has opened for Chris Pureka and Andrea Gibson as well, so far this year. 

Chantelle is Donating 5% Of All The Money She Makes On Tour To San Francisco Women Against Rape

Check out her latest CD  No One’s Believer
                                         *photo by anthony kearns